2017 NERSC Award for Innovative Use of HPC

A team led by Abhinav Bhatele of Virginia Tech is being honored for using NERSC resources to determine the scaling for a realistic simulation of an infectious disease on the national level. To predict how much processing power these simulations would take, the team ran experiments on various supercomputers, including NERSC’s Edison system, using the EpiSimDemics simulator, a highly scalable, parallel code written in Charm++ that uses agent-based modeling to simulate disease spreads over large, realistic, co-evolving interaction networks. This study will help future scientists predict and contain the spread of infectious diseases on the national scale. The other team members were Jae-Seung Yeom, Nikhil Jain, Chris Kuhlman, Yarden Livnat, Keith Bisset, Laxmikant Kale and Madhav Marathe.


Charm++ at SC17

Charm++ will have a big presence at #SC17:
* A Tutorial for new users
* A Birds of a Feather Session
* A poster presentation at the Intel HPC Developers Conference
* Charmworks Inc. has a booth on the exhibit floor

You can find more details on our SC17 page.

We look forward to seeing you there!

Charm++ Release 6.8.0

It is our pleasure to announce the latest release of the Charm++ parallel programming system, version 6.8.0. It includes a wide range of enhancements to make your parallel programs more productive to write and faster to run.

The latest release code can be downloaded as a tarball at https://lnkd.in/gy3sFeT or found as tag ‘v6.8.0’ in our git repository:

git clone -b v6.8.0 http://charm.cs.illinois.edu/gerrit/charm charm-6.8.0

Highlights of the release are described on the PPL website, with full details in the issue tracker and git logs.

Please try it out, share the news with your colleagues, and let us know if you encounter any trouble.

As ever, we wish you continued productive parallel programming!

Wrapping Up Summer 2017

As we wrap up our summer here at Charmworks, we want to extend our thanks to our hardworking summer interns, the new full time employees who have joined our ranks, and all of our dedicated staff who have kept things running smoothly. We look forward to continued productivity and success as we transition into the fall.