Charm++ Release 6.7.0

Here is a list of significant changes that this release contains over version 6.6.1

    • Features
      1. New API for efficient formula-based distributed spare array creation.
      2. Missing MPI-2.0 API additions to AMPI.
      3. Out-of-tree build is now supported.
      4. New target: multicore-linux-arm7
      5. PXSHM auto detects the node size.
      6. Added support for ++mpiexec with poe.
      7. Add new API related to migration in AMPI.
      8. CkLoop is now built by default.
      9. Scalable startup is now the default behavior when launching a job using chamrun.

Over 120 bug fixes, spanning areas across the entire system. Here is a list of the major fixes:

  • Bug Fixes
    1. Bug fix to handle CUDA threads correctly at exit.
    2. Bug fix in the recovery code on a node failure.
    3. Bug fixes in AMPI functions – MPI_Comm_create, MPI_Testall.
    4. Disable ASLR on Darwin builds to fix multi-node executions.
    5. Add flags to enable compilation of Charm++ on newer Cray compilers with C++11 support.
  • Deprecations and Deletions
    1. CommLib has been deleted.
    2. +nodesize option for PXSHM is deprecated
    3. CmiBool has been dropped in favor of C++’s bool.
    4. CBase_Foo::pup need not be called from Foo::pup.

The complete list of issues that have been merged/resolved in 6.7.0 can be found here. The associated git commits can be viewed here.


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